Resale mobile homes in Spain

Resale mobile homes (static caravans) are easily sold in a park (residential) or campsite (holidays) in Spain with the security of a park contract. Potential buyers can come from all over Europe. For that reason, we thought it would be a good idea to start a Facebook group for people to advertise their mobile homes for sale in Spain privately for potential buyers to easily find. 

If you are selling a mobile home in Spain, you can now advertise it for FREE on the dedicated Mobile Homes For Sale In Spain Facebook Group, which we, along with others, manage as Admin.

To sell your mobile home in Spain yourself you first join the group and then list your home after reading the group rules. Click on the picture ABOVE or the link to the Facebook group page to join and list your mobile home for sale in Spain within the group.

Buying and selling a mobile home in Spain is very easy. It can be by means of a simple bill of sale between the seller and buyer or a more detailed Sales Agreement by Private Arrangement document in English and Spanish. The SAPA agreement has clauses designed to protect everyone in the sale process. 

Prefer us to list it for you?

If you do not have Facebook or prefer us to do the listing for you, we have a solution. We offer a dedicated listing service, which includes a diverted to your private e-mail address.

The cost of us listing a home for sale for you* and passing on all the enquiries is £20 or 25€. It is a one-time-only service fee to list a home. You pay nothing at all once the home is sold. 

* Subject to no exclusivity arrangement in place with a group member.

If you want us to list the home for you, simply supply the details first using the post a home for sale form, which gets the ball rolling. After we have reviewed the details, we will request a set of up-to-date pictures to go with the listing.

After that, we will list the home with your allocated e-mail address that sends all mail to your personal inbox without having to publish your actual e-mail address online; we do that because message me only is not allowed in the group as an anti-spam measure.

All enquiries go directly to you to deal with. We only deal with the post itself. Mobile home dealerships/park agents can also post a mobile home for sale on this site as a business post. Contact us for details.

Parks in Spain come in two categories, residential or holiday, and the lifestyle will be different. Our post a home for sale form covers all types of parks. 

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SAPA contract features

Over the years, many homes have exchanged hands in Park La Posada (where the system was introduced), utilising the terms of a Sales Agreement by Private Arrangement document overseen by the Costa Difference Team. The main features of such an arrangement are. 1) The home is transferred debt free, with all outstanding payments fulfilled prior to the final payment being made. 2) The home comes with vacant possession. 3) An inventory is part of the sales document. 4) It allows for a technical inspection of the home.

The SAPA document controls the purchase/sale as to what payments are required and when. That means both the seller and the buyer must want to conduct the sale under a SAPA document. If you are selling a home or have arranged to buy a home in a park other than Park La Posada and would like to use a SAPA document prepared by BOSMH for the transfer of ownership, you can request more information using the contact form.

More than a mobile home

In Spain, living outside the home is a bonus thanks to the better weather. For that reason, many homes are sold with substantial decking areas added. In some cases, complete rooms are added to the side. 

If a home is to be used as a holiday home only, in a campsite, then open decking with perhaps a roof for shade is more than enough. If however, the home is to be your retirement home for residential use, then the more decking that comes with the home, the better. 

When looking at a home for sale in the Facebook group, the park it is on will give you an idea of its intended use. If it is for holidays, the chances are it will be reasonably close to a beach. If residential, it has to be slightly inland to avoid having to provide camping facilities. 

Mobile homes in Spain with decking