Resale mobile homes in Spain

Mobile homes are popular in Spain because they are so easy to buy and sell. When purchasing a mobile home, you need to check out where you want one and what you will use it for, with the choices being residential or holidays.

We say that because some areas have more residential parks and some are more geared up for holiday parks.

This site is dedicated to mobile homes being sold in a park (residential) or campsite (holidays) to benefit from a park contract. Potential buyers come from all over Europe.

If you have a mobile home for sale in a park in Spain, you can advertise it for free on our dedicated Facebook Group. Become a member and list your home.

Private sellers can advertise their mobile homes for sale on this site for only £10 or 15€. Supply the details first using the advertise your home form. After we have reviewed the listing details we will request photos and payment. 

Mobile home dealerships/park agents can also advertise a mobile home for sale on this site in any park in Spain. Contact us for details.

Featured mobile homes for sale

2829 2 beds 1 bath
2778 2 beds 2 baths
2680 2 beds 2 baths

This website is going to be all about resale mobile homes and not new mobile homes. The reason for this is twofold. When buying a new mobile home, you have to go through a dealership or park and you are fixed to their prices as there is no competition.

Not so with resale mobile homes. You are buying from the owner even if a dealership is advertising the home. That means you are free to make an offer on the home at any time. Resale homes also offer better value as they will always include extras.

In the case of mobile homes being sold for residential use, you will more often than not buy a home with all the decking built for everyday use. 

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Location of the mobile home

Spain is a big country and all the coastal regions have parks. The provinces with the most are Alicante and Malaga. In part, we think because of the airports. Malaga airport, for example, has almost every low-cost airline from every country flying in regularly. 

Spain also has large tourist areas, which are perfect for holiday parks. Owners feel as if they are on holiday all the time. Away from the coast, you are soon in real Spain, and that is where owners can soak up the relaxed Spanish way of life.

The mobile homes can be the same, but people will do different things in a different location with them. You are more likely to find a splash pool or jacuzzi included in the sale with a mobile home in real Spain than in a holiday park.

Mobile home bedroom example

Residential or holiday use

When buying a mobile home for residential use, we recommend one or two bedrooms at most. Three bedroom mobile homes for residential use means a smaller master bedroom that defeats the home’s object being for residential use. 

If the home is for holiday use, then a three-bedroom model does make sense because the bedrooms are only used for a few weeks rather than a lifetime. Make sure, however, that the park only charges per home and not per person as well. Holiday parks can and do offer extra “holiday” facilities.

Mobile homes used for holidays will not be the same as mobile homes used for residential use. In 90% of the cases, the bed settee has never been used in a resale mobile home used as a residential home.

Atlas mobile home size example

Size matters

Mobile homes come in all sizes, 10, 12, 13 and 14 feet wide and 28 to 43 feet long. The same goes for the plots they are on. For parks where the rent is higher, the plots are smaller to reduce the monthly fees. The norm should be 200 square metres or above for residential parks, but that is not always the case.

A 38 x 12 mobile home on a 200 square meter plot is perfect for residential use. A 28 x 10 is not. Holiday use usually means on a campsite or holiday park, which is fine because the plot will be a lot smaller than 200 square metres. The decking area around the home is likely to be basic and in line with how the home is used.

If planning to live in the home all year, the better the plot, the better the lifestyle. For a holiday use, the closer the beach, the better, but you will be paying a premium rent.