mobilehomesforsaleinspain group rules

1) Provide full details when listing a home.

Posting a home for sale in the group means you can advertise for nothing, but please ensure you include the following: *Pictures of the home *Make, model and age of home *Details of the park it is on, and where the park is. *Details of the home and what is included in the sale *Size of plot *Monthly park fees *Contact e-mail address. Message me only is not allowed as an anti scam measure. Contact admin by messenger if you need assistance.

2) Keep posts/comments mobile home in Spain related

The group is about mobile homes in Spain. It is not intended to be a discussion group on unrelated matters about moving to Spain in general. There are better Facebook groups for that purpose. Please keep posts and comments specific mobile home related. Thanks

3) No critical posts/comments.

Saying something negative about a park or home cannot be verified, so we will delete it. The same goes for negative personal opinions about any aspect of a home on offer. The idea of the group is to allow people to post mobile homes for sale, it is not intended to be a forum to share personal opinions.

4) No posts/comments promoting agents or parks only.

Please do not offer/promote general products or services/business/parks to the group. This includes copyright images showing websites and logos. To protect members from “spamming” all unrelated/promotional posts are deleted.

5) Companies representing parks.

Companies or park agents representing parks can post homes for sale in the group with an exclusivity arrangement with BOSMH. Listings will be on a template basis and subject to certain commercial posting rules.

6) No posts/comments “fishing” for replies/contact.

Posts or comments designed to make people contact you that does not concern a particular home for sale in the group are deemed risky (phishing); the admin will delete them to protect members. The same goes for “homes for sale in this park” and “I am looking for” comments.

7) No links to other classified adverts.

This ensures that only private sellers or authorised agents (acting on behalf of private sellers) are contacts for homes for sale in the group. Links to external sites carry uncontrolled risks. Private sellers or authorised agents must offer direct contact methods.

8) Keep comments relevant to the post

Please make sure any recommendation/comment matches the topic of the post. Please do not suggest a park on the Costa del Sol if the topic is Costa Blanca for example. Comments that have nothing at all to do with the post in question will also be deleted.

9) Meaningful posts/comments only. 6 months expiry.
The system will only show posts or comments that contain more than 10 characters. Listings older than six months are also routinely deleted as expired in order to keep the group up-to-date and relevant. Please relist if a deleted listing is still for sale.