Mobile homes FAQ’s

You are online looking at second-hand mobile homes. You will see there are plenty of them for sale in parks. Not all are through a park or dealership, and that is where you need to have the questions answered. First, we begin with general questions you must know the answers to before proceeding.

  • Who owns the mobile home?
  • How long have they owned it?
  • Has there been any under guarantee repairs carried out?
  • Will the park transfer the contract? 
  • How has it been used?
  • If not a dedicated holiday home, has it ever been rented out?
  • What are the total monthly costs, including taxes?
  • Is there an inventory with the home?
  • Will a third party be holding the deposit?
  • What are the annual insurance costs?
  • What are the park rules regarding pets?
Inside the mobile home

Inside the mobile home

  • Is the furniture seen in the photos original?
  • What furniture inside the home is NOT included in the sale?
  • When was the boiler last serviced or checked?
  • When was the aircon last serviced or checked?
  • Is the water supply filtered?
  • How many gas bottles are included in the sale?
  • Have any kitchen appliances been replaced in the past?
  • If the flooring has been changed, was it done by contractors?
  • Has a claim under the home insurance ever been made?

When shown around a mobile home for sale, it is easy to forget to ask all the questions. Many of the questions we pose can be asked in advance of a visit. Genuine sellers will not mind answering all the questions you may have. It is, after all, in their interests that you are very comfortable with your purchase.

They will know most of the answers anyway if dealing with the park sales office or park agents. The sales process will take care of most of them as well under a sales agreement.

Outside the home

  • How often do the park fees go up, and is there a limit on the increase?
  • What needs maintaining regularly?
  • What permissions will you need if you want to change anything?
  • Are utilities supplied/invoiced by the park, and what % increase, if any?
  • What are the selling costs involved if you wish to sell in the future?
  • Does the park have a maintenance department?
  • Are there any rules regarding parking?
  • Does the ground the home is on handle heavy rainfall well?
  • Has the home been releveled at any point?


By this stage, you should be ready to inspect the home, knowing that it suits you to the ground. The last question is, how do I come and visit the park? The agents or sellers will then give you full directions to the park and meet you on arrival. 

Having had all the questions answered and looked at pictures (or in some cases videos) of the home lots of time, a visit to the park should be a formality. You might want to ask what the procedure will be should you wish to make an offer during the visit.