Residential mobile homes

Residential parks have been the solution for many years when it came to downsizing. Selling a property and buying a mobile home increases the bank balance perfectly to enjoy retirement. 

These days you do have options. Spain has started to develop residential parks in the last fifteen years and over time they have developed into communities.

Residential mobile homes image 1


Selling bricks and mortar is not just about putting money in the bank. It is all about lifestyle as well. When owning a residential mobile home, there are no gardens to maintain or security to worry about. It is a very relaxing lifestyle. If you choose the right park, you are made for life.

In Spain, the majority of parks are joint camping, but there are some genuine residential parks in and around the town of Antequera in the province of Malaga. Genuine in that there are no camping facilities. 

Mobile homes are not the only home on offer when it comes to downsizing; park homes are already offered as an alternative. The sizes are similar, but the build quality is different. Park homes are built with more insulation and have a longer lifespan. Some mobile home models offer residential specifications, which means extra insulation.

Park homes not only differ in build quality but also price. Some park homes in exclusive parks can cost as much as the home you are selling. That is why resale mobile homes are a great alternative.

Park homes for residential use

Retirement parks

Retirement parks per se are the same advertised in the UK as parks for the over 50’s and park contracts that do not allow children to live in the park. There are many parks to choose from in that range, and the residents do not need to be retired.

Not so in Spain; you have a few residential parks near Malaga on the Costa del Sol offering slightly different lifestyles. Park Saydo was the first to open, followed by La Vina and a year later La Posada. Park La Posada then went on to become a park community in 2018.

You might think that over 55’s is a bit too young to be called a retirement park, but these days more and more people are using the money they free up selling bricks and mortar to fund an early retirement. Many retire ten years early. 

Residential homes

Residential homes refer to the use more than the home itself. Owners who intend to use their mobile homes as a residence tend to add a lot more living area with full use of decking as in the example below. 

A well constructed open and enclosed decking can easily add £10,000 to the value of the home itself. In Spain it is easily possible to spend time on the decking most of the year.

Residential decking area