Residential park home community

Posada park residential community

What makes a park a community?

  1. Bi-lingual staff in reception, on hand to support them in all aspects of their daily life
  2. First-class facilities are provided and maintained for their exclusive use. 
  3. A secure gated community with them having remote-controlled access. 
  4. Roads that have street lighting and pavements lined with fruit trees to provide them with a feeling of living in a community rather than a park.

Currently, only one park in Spain meets all the requirements, and that is Park La Posada in the town of Alameda in the province of Malaga on the Costa del Sol. Other residential parks come close but either allow non-residents to use the facilities or do not have roads with pavements and street lighting to give the park a community feel.

Homes for sale in a community

In a community, you will find mobile homes designed for residential use or park homes built specifically for residential use. You will also find that plot sizes are at least 200 square metres. 

The decking area outside the home is what most people construct to turn a standard UK static caravan into a mobile home for residential use. The most common method is to have open front decking and enclosed side decking. 

Living in a community does not cost any more than living in a residential mobile home park. The homes for sale do not cost any more either. It is only the lifestyle that is different. In a community, the park provides a greater level of support as part of their service, such as a free translator to get you registered.